Long before having my own family I have been fascinated with the unique interaction between loved ones. Whether grandparents, parents siblings or friends, just seeing all the little things that make them laugh makes me smile.

During my sessions I encourage this unique interaction, which not only makes everyone more relaxed, but also ensures those ‘natural’ expressions.

Most people tell me that they dislike having their photographs taken. Photo sessions shouldn’t be a painful experience; it should be fun and relaxed; something to recall when looking at the pictures for years to come. Hopefully you, your family or friends, will enjoy our time together so much that you will continue to book me year after year to document how your family and relationships evolve.

I know some of my favourite images of my family and me are the ones where we are not looking into the camera. I encourage family play time to achieve this, whether this is hide and seek, tickling, dancing (Dad dancing always works well), and of course silly faces!

If you would like to discuss family or children sessions further please feel free to contact me on sam@bayleiphotography.com or 07898 856990. You can send me an enquiry here.